‘I’m so worried over bill that I’ve been sitting in the dark’

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A PENSIONER who has not had an electricity bill for 14 months is so worried about the cost that she sits in the dark at her home.

Irene Hunt said she has been going to bed early to avoid using power as her supplier nPower has had problems billing her.

Irene Hunt

Irene Hunt

The 82-year-old said the last bill she received from them was in January 2013 and each time she has called them, the company has told her it is unable to issue a bill because of technical problems to do with her meter.

The firm has even sent out an engineer twice to look at her meter to no avail.

Worried at seeing his grandmother stressed and upset, her 29-year-old grandson Ben Foster, from Nashe Way, called The News. He said: ‘It has been a lot for her to deal with.’

Mrs Hunt said: ‘I’ve been sitting without a fire on and been going to bed early as I didn’t want to put the light on.

‘I’ve not been watching television because of it. It’s terrible what I’ve had to put up with.

‘A year and two and a half months is a long time and a lot of worry.’

She said that she was frightened to use power because she did not want to receive a large bill as she was worried she might not be able to afford it.

Mrs Hunt, of Hillson Drive, Fareham, said she had called nPower and written on a regular basis.

She even became so frustrated with nPower, she enlisted the help of her ward councillor Cllr Peter Davies who emailed the company and helped her get online, but she still did not get a bill.

When contacted by The News, a spokesman for the company said the issue had been caused by ‘a complex metering set up at the property’.

A spokesman from nPower said: ‘We were very concerned to hear about the delays in sending Mrs Hunt her bill. We’re working hard to resolve this.

‘We’ve called her to apologise and to reassure her that she will not be financially disadvantaged in any way. We’ve also sent her some flowers to say sorry.’

Mrs Hunt spoke of her shock at the quick response from nPower and said she would be looking to move suppliers once the bill has been settled.

She said: ‘They’ve called me and said they are going to compensate me. I couldn’t believe it when they rang, it’s their fault and not mine. They said I will be compensated for the hardship.

‘All it took was one call from The News and now they are sending me flowers. Unbelievable.’