Increased charges for Chichester Harbour users

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THOUSANDS of boat-owners face increases ranging from three per cent to around five per cent next year for using Chichester Harbour facilities.

The harbour conservancy has agreed a budget of £1,672,800 for 2012-13 – compared with £1,619,600 for the current financial year.

A report presented at a conservancy meeting said the preparation of the budget had taken into account the current high rate of inflation and anticipated increases in the cost of leases, whose rents were due for review.

Charges for site licences will be increased by between 4.7 per cent and 5.1 per cent, reflecting the projected increase in the cost of the conservancy’s regulating leases due for rent review within the year.

The impact will be to increase the charge for an A1 premium site from £479.47 to £501.86, and the charge for a C3 site from £82.56 to £86.67, excluding VAT.

A charge for private moorings on private sites, last reviewed in 2009-2010, will rise from £15 to £16.

Harbour dues will be increased by three per cent, resulting in a charge for vessels between three and 5.2 metres at £16.11 and the charge for a vessel between 8.5 metres and 10 metres at £66.82.