It’s easy to save water with new calculator

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SAVING water has been made easier with the launch of an online calculator for families to use.

Portsmouth Water has put the calculator on its website,

Users have to fill in questions about water use in the kitchen, bathroom and garden.

The calculator then works out the approximate daily amount of water used by each person in the household.

It also offers tips on where reductions in water use can be made.

The firm’s water efficiency officer Sue Allery said: ‘The interactive water calculator has been created to be a simple fun tool to give a basic guide on how much water is used by each person in the household.

‘This tool will help everyone understand about their household water use giving tips and advice on where they can use less water.’

The water calculator is part of the company’s saving water campaign which has already seen customer’s save 250,000 litres every day by following simple water saving advice and taking advantage of free water saving packs.