Judge rules Google case will be heard in UK

Google is being sued by a Waterlooville businessman
Google is being sued by a Waterlooville businessman
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A LAW suit being brought against internet giant Google by a Waterlooville businessman has been given permission to be heard in UK courts.

Marc Bradshaw, owner of BEA Solutions, is part of the Safari Users Against Google’s Secret Tracking group, which is taking Google to the High Court over breach of privacy.

The internet firm, which has its headquarters in California as well as a large base in the UK, argued that all law suits should be heard in the US.

But yesterday a judge in the High Court ruled the case should be heard in this country.

Marc said: ‘They clearly do business in the UK so to say the case had to be heard in California was wrong.’

In a statement Google said: ‘We still don’t think that this case meets the standards required in the UK for it to go to trial, and we’ll be appealing the ruling.’