Labour hits back at Portsmouth parking remarks

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THE leader of Portsmouth’s Labour group has hit back at claims that proposals to bring in new residents’ parking charges is a political move.

Councillor John Ferrett spoke out after Lib Dem leader Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson made the remark over the plans to charge residents living in parking zones for their first permit.

Cllr Vernon-Jackson believed it had been put forward in the budget as most of the zones are in the south of the city, where Labour and the Tories have fewer political seats than the north.

But Cllr Ferrett, who helped the Tories put together next year’s proposed budget, said the suggestion has been put forward because savings have to be made due to cuts in government funding.

‘We haven’t done that because it’s political,’ Cllr Ferrett said. ‘It’s because we have to find £13.1m of cuts.

‘No-one wants to make any of these cuts.

‘If Cllr Vernon-Jackson has got some really good ideas, why doesn’t he share them?’

The budget will be finalised on December 9.