Laser pens seized from West Sussex shop

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LASER pens can cause distorted vision if aimed at people, Trading Standards have warned.

A crackdown has been launched by officers in West Sussex into unsafe laser pointers.

One device was bought from a shop and tested.

Trading Standards said the strength of the laser was up to five times over the legal limit.

Although it was unlikely the laser would cause permanent eye damage, it could cause a serious temporary distortion of vision.

Trading Standards have now seized the dangerous laser pens, but warned the public that others could be on sale.

Christine Field, in charge of public protection at West Sussex County Council, said: ‘These are potentially very dangerous items.

‘If shone into the eyes, it could cause unpleasantness – but if directed into the eyes of drivers or pilots, the disruption to their sight could have serious and potentially fatal consequences.

‘We need to ensure we are vigilant.’