Law expert warns users of social media dangers

Jill Bainbridge, partner and specialist at Blake Morgan, Jill Bainbridge
Jill Bainbridge, partner and specialist at Blake Morgan, Jill Bainbridge
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A local law partner has warned of the dangers of sharing images through social media.

Copyright specialist and partner at Blake Morgan, Jill Bainbridge is urging business owners to consider procedures for content and pictures before clicking ‘share’.

With social media applications being among the most popular apps used across the globe, Jill warns that sharing a photograph without the creator’s permission can, in some instances, amount to copyright infringement.

Jill said: ‘With new social media platforms and photo sharing apps becoming more and more popular the risk of copyright infringement through sharing of photography is more present than ever. Sharing a celebrity’s photo of them using your product or retweeting a photo of a customer in your restaurant may be a fantastic way to build your company profile, but it may also amount to copyright infringement.’

Jill and her team produced a check list to ensure that you are keeping yourself safe before sharing. The checks include verifying whether you took the photo yourself, checking specific social media platform regulations before sharing online and obtaining a licence before using an image if necessary.