Law firm is stopping the clock

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PEOPLE who have been mis-sold loans and other products by banks are getting their money back thanks to a Portsmouth law firm.

Verisona is pursuing claims both through the courts and by getting banks to agree to stop the clock on payouts, rather than risk them expiring.

‘By agreeing to put claims on hold, our clients are able to enter the review scheme safe in the knowledge that, should it fail to provide a satisfactory outcome, there is a further route of redress,’ said the team’s Nigel Cole.

‘The banks are failing to offer independent review meetings as standard and delays in the review process may mean that limitation passes, and people could then find themselves unable to bring a claim in the courts if the review does not find in their favour.

‘The risk of claimants being baffled by the banks or tied up in months of unproductive correspondence appears to be very real.’