Law firm joins national standards scheme

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A LAW company that has been in the city for more than 100 years has joined a national scheme which aims to guarantee a high standard of service.

Large and Gibson, in Kent Road, Southsea, was the only firm in Portsmouth chosen to join the scheme, called QualitySolicitors.

QualitySolicitors is made up of law firms who have come together to create a national legal brand, with the aim of having representation in every major town and city.

The Southsea firm has now repainted its exterior in QualitySolicitors’ trademark pink and black colours.

It means the firm, now known as QualitySolicitors Large and Gibson will be able to compete on an even playing field when bidding against other firms to represent national retail brands.

But the company will still retain its independence despite its membership of the scheme.

Staff will be regularly trained in customer care and will often be ‘mystery shopped’ by QualitySolicitors’ head office.

If they do not keep up the scheme’s standards the firm can face expulsion.