Law firm takes on next generation with apprentice

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A FORWARD-THINKING law firm is to help train the next generation of solicitors by taking on its first apprentice.

The decision by Graeme Quar & Co which has its headquarters in Fareham, follows a successful 11-month trial in which 19-year-old Josh Perryman, from Alverstoke in Gosport, completed one day a week of work experience.

It was the first time that Graeme Quar & Co had taken on someone for more than a week of work experience, but thanks to the placement Josh has a firm understanding of what being a solicitor entails.

He is due to start studying law at the University of Portsmouth this autumn.

He said: ‘I’m a bit nervous about starting my degree, but having that work experience behind me has set me apart from the crowd as not many other people have that.

‘Some of it was what you’d expect, like doing the filing, but I got to do other things as well, like shadowing the solicitors when they met clients, going to court, all sorts really.

‘It was great and it gave me a real idea of what solicitors do and an insight into the law.

‘Watching the solicitors work was really interesting.’

Josh was a big hit at the firm, which was founded by managing director Graeme Quar 20 years ago.

Mr Quar said: ‘Josh was keen, willing to learn, and enthusiastic about what we do, so we couldn’t have asked for more, really.

‘It worked out so well that we were encouraged to work with Highbury College to develop an apprenticeship scheme, and we are looking forward to taking on our first apprentice this autumn.

‘What appealed to us was that we would be able to help the next generation of legal experts get their first training in the craft, and to better prepare them for their degree studies and their professional development.’

The apprenticeship on offer will provide practical training in the technical and administration side of the law firm, but which will also offer to apprentices the same insight into the business that Josh received from his 11 months with the firm.

Christine Quar, the firm’s general manager, added: ‘The apprentice will be the face of Graeme Quar & Co, sitting at the first desk people see when they arrive at our office. We will support the apprentice throughout their two years with us, developing them from the first day.’