Lean business specialist celebrates anniversary

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FEDDEN USP is celebrating seven years in business this month.

Berthon Boat Company and Hillier Nurseries have both had a long-standing relationship with Gosport-based lean business specialist.

Both companies have just announced the significant benefits they are now enjoying as a result of their lean consultancy and training.

Fedden USP has continued to grow year-on-year throughout the recession as more and more companies look for ways to improve efficiencies and customer service levels.

The lean model also increases productivity and reduces waste, while at the same time, keeping control of a company’s costs.

Principal lean specialist, Neil Fedden, has worked with Berthon since early 2010, helping it to challenge existing inefficient working practices that had become ingrained within the organisation.

Dominic May, director of Berthon, said: ‘Neil encouraged a hands-on solution with employees of all levels, not just senior management and the whole process has taken our business through four years of growth.’