LETTER OF THE DAY: I fear Fareham might end up like Havant - losing shops

Regarding Mrs Bone's letter on April 7 headlined '˜We need a bus.'

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 10th April 2018, 1:14 am
West Street, Havant
West Street, Havant

Yes Fareham has become a town of ‘pound shops’ ‘cafes’ etc.

Many, like Mrs Bone, are devastated at the loss of Marks and Spencer’s in Fareham.

The bus number 28a does visit Whiteley but it only runs every two hours, so a trip would have to be well timed and nothing like the convenience of a local store In Fareham.

Argos is being moved to ‘Sainsbury’s Broadcut’ and without a car or good mobility that will be very difficult to visit.

No-one seems to know what is going in the vacant place either?

I fear Fareham could end up like Havant (pictured) – they appear to have lost all their reasonable shops.

First bus needs to review its service as there is the issue of people visiting the community hospital.

Again, for people without transport and good mobility it’s impossible to get to.

I do hope Mrs Bone and others’ voices will be heard and someone will realise the need for a good bus service as other nearby areas have –and also the need to keep our local shops too.

V Petrie

Malvern Avenue, Fareham