LETTER OF THE DAY: Rich land developers should pay for the area's infrastructure

Reading your '˜new homes plan' article in The News, it does make your blood boil ('˜Local schools are already maxed out'; Residents object to 320 homes and 66-bed care home plans online, Havant & Waterlooville edition, June 26).

Tuesday, 3rd July 2018, 1:40 am
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:08 pm
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Wherever there is a plot of land nowadays, rich developers try and cash in.

I’m not against anybody making money because I know how hard it is to make money, and I know that we need more houses – that goes without saying.

But my biggest gripe is if these rich developers are going take all this land and build houses on it and make all this money. why shouldn’t they help with the infrastructure of public services such as schools, doctors’ surgeries etc?

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When you’re talking about the size of proposals for 40 acres – 320 homes and a care home – the money they will be making from a site that size means they should provide these services.

There is enough strain and pressure on our schools and doctors’ surgeries as it is.

Plus with all the traffic on the roads at present this will just add to the congestion we have at the moment with the Havant road, and Rusty Cutter roundabout, and of course you have the parking issue.

People have problems parking as it is and if there isn’t adequate parking this just adds to the problem we have at the moment.

Alan Purkiss


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