LETTER OF THE DAY: Charges for bus pass journeys would stop some OAPs travelling

As an OAP, I had to reply to your reader Kev May (Free bus travel is a privilege, not a right, August 14) about bus passes. Â

Saturday, 18th August 2018, 11:37 am
Updated Sunday, 2nd September 2018, 10:09 pm
Hampshire County Council has floated the idea of introducing a 50p charge for people using the OAP free bus pass Picture posed by models

Although 50p is not a lot, he fails to mention that some journeys require two buses.

I assume 50p is charged per journey so using two buses would require paying £1.

For example, say Chichester '“ two buses from where I live, then from Havant Bus Station to Chichester, two buses.

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Return journey, another £1, so £2 in all.

Being on a low income, OAPs like myself would not be able to use the buses so often.

Also, collecting 50p would cause delays.

A change of law is required '“ a better idea would be to charge either £5 or £10 when you renew your pass, like the disabled rail card, which you have to pay every time you renew it.

I worked for 47 years paying taxes etc and I advise Kev '“ you have a go at being an OAP.

He has missed out quite a few facts.

I hope he is rich.

Don't say that OAPs moan '“ get your facts right.

D Johnson

Barncroft Way, Havant