Luxury offices are flooded by pipe burst

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A CLEAN-UP operation has begun after luxury offices were flooded when a pipe burst.

Water came pouring through the ceiling of the eastern side of 1000 Lakeside, North Harbour, after a major leak in the heating system.

The ground floor, first floor and second floor were affected and some parts had an inch of water.

The flood happened just before midday on Friday and some offices had to be evacuated.

Karen Tyrrell, sales and marketing manager at 1000 Lakeside, said: ‘It was mainly ceiling and carpet damage.

‘Some of the water did fall on people’s desk and computers, but nobody was hurt.

‘We turned the electrics off straight away.

‘Our onsite maintenance team reacted very quickly.

‘They managed to stop the water flow.’

Staff have spent the weekend clearing up, but said none of the damage is permanent.

The only firm which will not be able to go back to work on Monday is Babcock, which provides engineering support services.

Mrs Tyrrell said: ‘We were very lucky.

‘We have about 22 different companies that use the office space here.

‘Only one will not be able to work from their office space here on Monday.

‘Two of the other companies affected have managed to use other space within the building.

‘The building was still in operation on Friday afternoon, but it will be fully operational on Monday.

‘By the end of the week everything will be back to normal.

‘By Monday morning most people will not know anything has happened.’

She said the clean-up cost is not yet known.

‘We are still assessing that at the moment,’ she said.