M27 lanes fully open for only 10 days of the year

Lanes were fully open on the M27 for just 10 days in the whole of 2013
Lanes were fully open on the M27 for just 10 days in the whole of 2013
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LANES were fully open on the M27 for just 10 days in the whole of 2013, research has found.

According to a Freedom of Information request, lanes on the M27 were affected by closures on 355 out of 365 days of last year.

Closures were put down to a combination of road works and traffic collisions.

Work will soon start on the first of two major improvements on the M27 between junctions three and five.

The upgrades are part of the government’s £317 million pinch point programme.

Money has also been given to Solent Local Enterprise Partnership to improve infrastructure in the region.

Councillor Sean Woodward, Hampshire County Council’s member for transport, said works on the overpass at junction nine had led to some disruption to lanes during the year.

He said: ‘I think the reason for these lane closures is because of works going on at junction nine.

‘It was an important job but I am assuming it was that. I am not remotely surprised by these figures because that work had to be done.

‘There will be a new motorway junction at junction 10 for Welborne and 6,000 new homes and jobs there.

‘There is also the Solent Enterprise Zone at Daedalus which is another 3,500 jobs and that will be an enormous job.

‘There will be more lane closures in the future and there are improvements going on now at junction five of the motorway.

‘South Hampshire is very much a growth area.

‘It is very positive to see these improvement taking place.’

Motor insurer swiftcover.com filed for the Freedom of Information request.

It said that in 2013, more than a third of motorways had lane closures for at least six months, while a quarter were fully open for 25 days or 

Product manager Roman Bryl said: ‘Some of our busiest road networks are never fully operational, and lane closures and diversions are a source of real frustration to drivers.

‘Obviously it is important that motorways are kept in a good state of repair, but maintenance works can be very disruptive and stressful.

‘Drivers should bear in mind that motorways may not actually be the quickest route for their journey, and plan ahead in order to avoid potential