Making money is a family affair for young entrepreneur

LOOKING GOOD Rhys Croft with one of the T-shirts he makes. Picture: Sarah Standing (1433-4569)
LOOKING GOOD Rhys Croft with one of the T-shirts he makes. Picture: Sarah Standing (1433-4569)
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WHILE most 14 year olds might think about taking on a paper round to earn a couple of quid, Rhys Croft decided to do something a little bit different.

The entrepreneurial teen used his summer holidays to set up a T-shirt printing business, and is now seeing the first fruits of his labours.

His tees are distinctively tie-died and printed with his Pinned Clothing logo, which he does either at his home in Rowbury Road, Havant, or in his grandparents’ greenhouse in Waterlooville.

Despite the Park Community School pupil studying for his GCSEs, there was one key reason behind his decision to go into business for himself.

‘I was bored,’ he said. ‘I didn’t know what to do and I thought I could clean people’s houses, wash cars or be a dog walker, but I didn’t want to do those things.

‘I knew of other people who had set up their own clothing business elsewhere and I thought it was something I could do, so I did it when I was off school, in the holidays.’

Rhys turned to his grandad Dave Croft for help, advice, and to formulate a budget the new business could work to.

Together the pair decided to buy ready-made plain white T-shirts and turn them into something a little more unique.

Rhys said: ‘We started tie-dying them and now I’ve got a T-shirt press so they’re all printed with my logo, tie-dyed... everything.’

Rhys decided the best way to make some money would be to sell his wares online using a dedicated Facebook page, the eBay auction site, as well as virtual craft emporium

But he wasn’t satisfied with how it was going.

‘I wanted something a bit more independent,’ he said. ‘So I built a website and I’m selling them through that.’

He is beginning to make some money from, but still isn’t sure if it will be anything more than an after-school hobby for him, his friends and his family.

He said: ‘I don’t know what I want to do in the future.

‘Probably something to do with websites, but I’m not sure.

‘This is going well and I am earning money from it.

‘If it pulls off really big then I guess I’ll stick with it.’