Manufacturer leads the way with its water waste

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MANUFACTURER Quattro Foods has installed a new wastewater treatment system to remove residues on-site such as fats, oils and greases to boost its site sustainability.

Quattro Foods, in Portfield Road, Copnor, invested in a water waste treatment system supplied by Siltbuster Process Solutions to combat water recycling issues and create clean water when it goes down the drain after food manufacturing use.

A spokesman said: ‘Green energy and sustainability are a current affair in today’s society and at Quattro, we believe water usage and wastewater discharge should be high on food manufacturers’ list of critical environmental issues.

‘Since upgrading to an effluent water waste treatment system, large amounts of solids, fats oils and greases are now captured and prevented from going down the drain.

‘The new system allows us to achieve a consistently cleaner discharge across the large range of products being produced. Not only does this reduce potential charges, major problems are avoided in the drains and sewers downstream.’