Marketing executive is appointed at company

Phil Roch
Phil Roch
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A MANUFACTURER has appointed a marketing executive.

Load cell manufacturer Straightpoint has named Phil Roch in the job.

Mr Roch said: ‘SP is already an effective communicator with a proven track record of successfully engaging its many markets across the world.

‘However, it identified an opportunity to expand the marketing team and add breadth to the volume of content and the platforms on which it is shared, whilst retaining certain hallmarks in quality and tone.’

He said: ‘SP has already had some success through video and my aim is to build on that initial presence. Over 80 per cent of online traffic currently is video, which demonstrates the potential. Audiences can expect to see more promotional, elemental and instructional videos, in addition to talking head-style pieces and interviews with the company’s leading figures.’

David Ayling, director at SP, said: ‘We see ourselves as pioneers in our sector and a key component of retaining thought leadership status is communicating on a regular and multifaceted basis with existing contacts in addition to prospective partners and customers.’

Phil will be aiming to enhance the firm’s sales.