Meet the Portsmouth mum who says she can guarantee your child a good night’s sleep

A PORTSMOUTH mum hopes that her business will give not just children but their parents a sound night’s sleep.

Tuesday, 28th May 2019, 7:15 pm
Kimberley Man with her son Jude Haddigan
Picture: Sarah Standing (250419-6016)
Kimberley Man with her son Jude Haddigan Picture: Sarah Standing (250419-6016)

Kimberley Man, 34, from Farlington, set up Kimmy’s Little Stars in October 2016 to give advice to parents about getting their children to sleep.

Kimberley says she uses calm and gentle techniques in order to get babies and children to sleep the night.

The business started after she was helping a lot of her friends’ children in 2015. Whilst on maternity leave with her son Jude Haddigan, she promoted her business idea on Facebook and it grew from there. Alongside her part-time job in a nursery, Kimberley tends to work with three to four clients at a time.

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Running the business on her own, Kimmy’s Little Stars offers phone consultations and home visits. She works alongside individual parents to work out why their child is not sleeping and create an individual plan for that child. She then stays with the parents for three days and three nights practising her techniques with the aim to help the child sleep through.

Kimberley says that each child is different and it is important to reassure parents and reassure the child. She has worked with more than 100 mums and her techniques come all from experience.

One key area she examines is the child’s diet. How often they feed and in what quantities can be a major factor that affects a child’s sleeping pattern.

Each cry can be for a different reason for example, angry, hungry or tired. Kimberley practises self-soothing techniques and teaches parents at what point you should enter their bedroom to comfort them.

She works with clients from Portsmouth, Southampton, Waterlooville and Petersfield areas. If her business grows, in the future she may plan to expand her business to more locations.

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