Meet the couple who have launched a recruitment firm with a difference 

The Thrive Team co-founders Alison Trodd and Martin Grady
The Thrive Team co-founders Alison Trodd and Martin Grady
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A COUPLE have teamed up in the world of business to pool their expertise and launch a unique recruitment company. 

Martin Grady and Alison Trodd, from Chichester, have started The Thrive Team, a company dedicated to discovering high-performing employees for clients across Hampshire and West Sussex. 

As well as finding suitable candidates for vacancies, the pair offer a personalised coaching package, up to six months, where they work with the candidates to develop leadership skills and build mental health awareness and resilience enabling employees to settle in quickly and thrive in their new role.

Martin said: ‘Search and selection is at the heart of what we do and our carefully designed selection techniques mitigate risk and maximise return on investment for clients by predicting each candidate’s performance.

‘We then offer a strong development programme, with coaching and self-care at its core. This is the key to optimising the employee’s performance and wellness in the workplace.’ 

Martin and Alison have 60 years’ combined experience in recruitment and HR at organisations across a wide range of industries, in both the public and private sector.

They say they are motivated by their core values of caring, understanding and delivering for their clients and candidates.  

Martin said they were inspired to start up their own firm after seeing research that showed half of workers were in the wrong job. 

To help address this, The Thrive Team uses structured interviews, psychometric assessments and aptitude/ability tests to match the right candidate with a job and organisation that is best suited to their skills, personality and ambition. 

The Thrive Team supports newly placed candidates through their transition from one company to the next. 

Alison said: ‘To help clients cultivate a motivated and productive workforce – with good attendance levels and reduced staff turnover – we have a number of courses and workshops available to build awareness of resilience, mental health and wellbeing, which we can run in-house. 

‘We genuinely care that people are happy in their careers and so do everything we can to give them the tools they need to thrive in the workplace, as well as in life.’

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