Meeting aims to find jobs in climate change for workers

HMS Victory and the Mary Rose Museum from the air     Picture: Shaun Roster

‘Nowhere in Europe offers everything Portsmouth does’

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A PUBLIC meeting is being held to find alternative jobs following large-scale job losses in Portsmouth.

Portsmouth and Southampton Trade Councils have joined forces to hold the meeting about how workers from the naval base can keep their jobs and tackle climate change.

One of the main speakers at the public meeting will be Suzanne Jeffery, from the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group.

The group has been campaigning for a million climate change jobs to be created.

Jon Woods, president of the Portsmouth Trade Council, said: ‘The range of skills in the dockyard could be used to build wind and tidal turbines for example.

‘Portsmouth and the surrounding region needs to keep its manufacturing jobs.

‘Portsmouth is one of many areas very vulnerable to rising sea levels caused by melting ice caps.

‘We have had lots of talk about the dockyard but we need government action to create climate jobs now.’

The public meeting is on April 2 at 7.30pm. It is being held in Room F, of Portsmouth Central Library, at Guildhall Square, Portsmouth.