Members angry over delay in pool opening at Gosport Leisure Centre

OPEN Gosport Leisure Centre. Picture: Steve Reid (124176-854)
OPEN Gosport Leisure Centre. Picture: Steve Reid (124176-854)
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ANGRY swimmers have spoken of their frustration in not receiving a refund after delays in opening a pool.

Gosport Leisure Centre, off Forest Way, opened on December 31, with the gym and all other facilities available for use.

But as previously reported in The News, the swimming pool will not open until January 19 as a batch of faulty tiles were laid around the pool and need to be replaced.

Levi Hughes, 42, of The Glen, lives near the centre and bought a discounted full family membership back in November.

He asked bosses at the centre for a refund for the delay but was told he could only cancel his membership and start it again – meaning he would lose the discount.

Mr Hughes said: ‘I’m very disappointed by their response, I expected a little bit more.

‘I want them to move my membership – we probably won’t be using the facilities now until the pool opens so we’re effectively paying for three weeks where we won’t get any use.

‘We enjoy swimming and we were disappointed when Holbrook shut earlier than expected and Fareham is a little further for us to travel.’

Fellow swimmer Pam McCune, 56, of Launceston Close, bought an annual swim pass for £180, with a discounted admin fee of £20.13.

Ms McCune’s membership will now start on January 19 when the pool opens.

But when she asked centre bosses for a partial refund, she was told her pass had been extended from nine months to 12 months as compensation.

She said: ‘Since when did an annual ticket cover nine months? Last time I did my sums, annual meant 12.

‘At no point was I told that it was a nine-month ticket, I went in several months ago and asked for an annual ticket, which I purchased.

‘I thought they might have given us a couple of weeks in the gym or something.’

Gosport Leisure Centre manager Stuart Urquhart refused to comment on individual cases but said the action taken would depend on the membership type.

He said: ‘The joining offer that people have started with would normally be a larger admin fee depending on the membership they have.

‘January is a free month, and the reason we haven’t offered refunds is they haven’t paid anything for January anyway and the other facilities are available as well.’