Memories of loved ones live on through online tributes thanks to The Co-operative Funeralcare

When somebody passes away, having a place to share memories of that person is invaluable. Sadly, it is not always possible for everyone to do this in person.

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Thursday, 2nd July 2020, 12:00 am
Sue Mawson, Co-operative Funeralcare Sector Operations Manager for Portsmouth

That’s why The Co-operative Funeralcare has an online memorial tribute service that enables people to share memories of their loved one as well as make donations to a chosen charity if they wish.

The free online service has been hugely successful as families have a way of remembering their loved ones with people across the country and around the world.

Sue Mawson is the Sector Operations Manager for Portsmouth at The Co-operative Funeralcare. She said: ‘We’ve had the online tribute site for a few years now. It was originally brought in to make the journey of a charitable donation much simpler for our families.

The Co-operative Funeralcare

‘It’s an online donation site which means people don’t have to write a cheque or take cash to a branch. It means that the families that we are arranging the funerals for don’t have to do the admin or the collection. It is one less thing for them to have to think about at an already distressing time.’

All donations given have the gift aid donated too, meaning the chosen charity gets the maximum contribution possible. Sue said: ‘Every single funeral that we organise has the online tribute site available to them, at no additional charge.’

But the site isn’t primarily used for donation purposes - it’s there to enable people to make a tribute and share memories and photographs of the person who has passed away.

It means that their family and friends will always have one dedicated space to share their loved one’s memories and they can look back on it whenever they want to, which is especially helpful on notable dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. It also gives the option of lighting a virtual candle.

It’s an added benefit of choosing one of Southern Co-op’s branches of The Co-operative Funeralcare when organising a funeral.

‘It’s a memory page where we also put the logistical service information and funeral details, which again saves families time and effort notifying everyone.‘Not only that, but families can also upload photographs and music. It’s a never-ending site,’ said Sue.

‘They can have it for special occasions and look back at the memories and the stories people have posted about their loved one.

‘Our funeral co-ordinators love it. It’s easy to use and families enjoy the process of seeing how the tribute page progresses and grows.‘It brings them back in touch with their lost loved ones and it’s very personalised.

‘It makes an awful situation much easier to manage when you can look over the messages after losing somebody and see how much that person meant to them.

‘I know for sure the comfort that it brings people. You can just pop on there and refresh your memory and keep your loved one’s memory alive too.

‘The products and services that our Southern Co-op colleagues are providing have grown to make life a lot easier at a distressing time for the families.

‘A big part of our co-operative values is working with the people in the communities in which we serve, giving them the best care, support and experience possible and the online memorial platform is just one of the ways we do that. Our families just know that it’s there ready for when they need it.’

Sue added that it’s a much easier process to use if people do want to make donations to a charity.

‘In the past we used to have collections at the funeral or at a branch. People used to have to come in and bring a cheque or cash. This is a far more secure way to collect donations for specific charities and makes it much easier for families.

‘The service is totally free and has been very successful. It means people have no administration to take on and everything is sorted out for them already.

‘It’s well-loved by everybody who uses it. In fact in 2019 over £330,000 was donated directly from locally-bereaved people via our online memorial platform to over 350 charities.

‘That huge sum of money would have helped so many people across lots of different initiatives.’ Sue added.

‘It’s completely personal. We are very proud of it.’

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