Mike is tuning up his new business

Mike Lyons
Mike Lyons
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THE power of television has led a Gosport man to sell his business and break in to a new market.

Mike Lyons ran his own kitchen business, but sold it at the end of last year in order to take on a Terraclean franchise.

It is a way of cleaning vehicle engines in order to improve performance, decrease emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

Mike said: ‘I saw it first on Wheeler Dealers and found out a bit more about it. I was really impressed and as there wasn’t a franchise here in the south I thought I’d set one up.’

He now runs Terraclean South from his home in Gosport, but is mobile so visits his customers wherever they are.

‘I’m getting busier,’ Mike said.

‘I’ve had some really good feedback from customers about it, and we’re getting more known now.’