Milkshake fan Kate banned from McDonald’s drive-through

Kate Legg outside the new McDonalds off 'Larchwood Avenue at Bedhampton'' ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (132009-3113)
Kate Legg outside the new McDonalds off 'Larchwood Avenue at Bedhampton'' ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (132009-3113)

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PENSIONER Kate Legg just loves a strawberry milkshake from McDonald’s.

And the 76-year-old has been to the drive-through at Asda in Bedhampton many times on her mobility scooter to satisfy her craving.

But after her latest visit, she was stunned to be told she would no longer be allowed to use the drive-through on her scooter for health and safety reasons.

Mrs Legg, who worked as a police matron at Portsmouth Central police station for many years, said: ‘I have a tax disc which means I can go on the road with the buggy. It goes at 8mph – if you are lucky. It was a lovely day and I went shopping to Asda.

‘On the way back I fancied popping into McDonald’s for a £1.59 strawberry milkshake because I am a bit partial to them.

‘I went to the drive-through, made my order and was served by a young man.

‘This young person said “I will serve you today and not again because of health and safety”. I was gobsmacked.

‘I said to him “I’ve got a tax disc”.

‘He said “my supervisor said this is what we have to do”. I said “It’s a load of codswallop”.’

Mrs Legg, who says she only ever goes on quiet roads with her buggy, said there was one car in front of her and no vehicles queueing behind.

Mrs Legg, of Hordle Road, Leigh Park, who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which causes breathing problems, added: ‘It wasn’t causing a problem was it? I just don’t understand.

‘It’s discrimination. I don’t want to sue anyone and I don’t want free strawberry milkshake for the rest of my life – I just think it should be brought to people’s attention.

‘It’s discrimination against people with disabilities.’

Mrs Legg, who registers her buggy every year with the DVLA and is allowed to drive on the roads, has had it for five years and keeps the tax disc on the wheel arch.

She added: ‘There’s quite a lot of young people who have a buggy.

‘Health and safety was never created for this sort of ridiculousness – it was to protect people who were working in industry and with machinery.’

A spokeswoman for McDonald’s said: ‘Our drive-through lanes are custom built for motor cars, vans and trucks.

‘In line with this policy we do not to serve pedestrians or bicycle riders at the drive-through window, for everyone’s safety. Customers on mobility scooters cannot be served through the drive-through lane but are welcome to bring their mobility scooter into the restaurant where possible.’

IT IS not the first time this week McDonald’s has hit the headlines for its drive-through policy.

A woman was fined for taking her horse into a McDonald’s restaurant in Greater Manchester on Saturday.

She had initially been refused service while in the saddle of the drive-through lane of the branch, in Manchester. She then led the animal inside, where it defecated on the floor.

A McDonald’s spokeswoman said: ‘The incident caused distress to customers and disruption for the restaurant and the police issued a fixed penalty notice.’