Minister tells firms that green investment is key

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CLIMATE and energy secretary Chris Huhne put the spotlight on green energy investment.

The Eastleigh MP gave a speech at the annual conference of the renewables industry outlining the economic benefits of companies going green.

In the past six months, renewable energy developers have announced plans in the south east for £172m investment, with the potential to create almost 2,300 jobs.

Mr Huhne hailed renewable energy sources like wind, wave and biomass as delivering a third industrial revolution across the UK.

He said: ‘The revolution has already begun, from the Western Isles to the Isle of Wight.

‘Across the length and breadth of Britain, new companies are creating new jobs and delivering the technologies that will power our future.

‘I want to take aim at the curmudgeons and faultfinders who hold forth on the impossibility of renewables.

‘We are not going to save our economy by turning our back on renewable energy. It is this three-party consensus that makes the UK such a good place to invest.’