Mum’s going to Iceland to pick up invention award

WINNER Lynda Harding of Waterlooville with ewan the dream sheep
WINNER Lynda Harding of Waterlooville with ewan the dream sheep

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SUPERMUM and entrepreneur Lynda Harding is getting ready to fly to Iceland to pick up an award.

The Waterlooville-based mum-of-six dreamed up the idea of ‘ewan’ the dream sheep to help tots – and parents – get to sleep.

She will now receive international recognition for her invention at the European Women Inventors and Innovators Awards in Reykjavik next week.

But as well as the recognition award, she has also been short-listed for the European Inventor of the Year Award 2011.

She said: ‘ewan and I could not be more excited about our trip to Iceland.

‘We are extremely honoured by the European recognition award and thrilled to be finalists for European Inventor of the Year 2011.

‘Fingers crossed that ewan will charm the judging panel, although I’m sure it will be a fantastic experience whatever the outcome.’

Since launching ewan the dream sheep in 2010, sales have increased rapidly, with ewan’s fame growing on the back of his effectiveness at helping settle babies and toddlers to sleep.

He is now stocked by Mothercare, Amazon, John Lewis and JoJo Maman Bebe and has recently gone global due to worldwide demand.

The sheep emits a series of soothing sounds and a soft pink glow to help babies sleep.

And he is only one in a long line of products that Lynda invented after giving birth to her sixth child, Bradley, who would not settle.

She said: ‘He cried constantly and it was a nightly struggle to settle him to sleep – a struggle that went on until he was two and a half years old!

‘I tried everything to soothe him off to sleep, yet oddly enough I discovered that one of the most reliable ways was to dim the lights, switch on the vacuum cleaner and rock him while he was in his cot.

‘I scoured shops and the internet for any products that would replicate these conditions and quickly realised that there was nothing suitable out there.

‘I was determined to invent a range of products that would not only help soothe restless babies and toddlers, but also promote the formation of a healthy sleep pattern, so everyone could benefit from a good night’s rest.’

Seven years later Lynda launched easidream, her range of products designed with sleep experts, university departments and medical professionals.

For now, she is getting ready for the awards, which will be held during the bi-annual EUWIIN Exhibition and Conference between May 25 and May 28.