Mums come up with a bright idea to solve night-time problem

INVENTION Rachael Forder, left, and Kerry Marriott.  Picture: Steve Reid (121521-306)
INVENTION Rachael Forder, left, and Kerry Marriott. Picture: Steve Reid (121521-306)
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THERE’S nothing potty about this bright idea.

Mums Kerry Marriott and Rachael Forder have teamed up to shed a light on the problem of toilet training.

The pair stumbled on the idea for a light-up potty after teaching their own children to go to the loo at night.

Now they’re hoping the LumiPotti will help make night-time toilet trips child’s play for other parents and toddlers.

The potty has a built-in motion sensor which triggers a night light when activated.

Like a landing light on a runway, it gives sleepy tots the confidence to know where they’re going when the call of nature strikes. ‘We both potty trained our children in a similar way,’ explained Kerry.

‘Rachael used a transparent potty with a night light underneath and I plugged a night light in to the wall nearby.

‘We were laughing about it one day, joking like mums do and saying “Why doesn’t someone make something like this?”’

But the friends, both from Southsea, sat on the idea for around two years before investigating whether anything similar was already on the market.

When they realised they’d found a unique idea they began working on a design.

Mum-of-two Kerry and Rachael – who is expecting her second child any day now – got the concept patented and are looking for parents willing to give the potty a trial run.

‘Toilet training is this immensely fraught time for parents, especially if you’re a new parent because you have no idea what to expect,’ said Kerry.

‘You know there’s going to be endless traipsing to the potty. You’ve probably only just got your sleep back and now you know your night is going to be broken again. That’s one of the reasons why it’s a pain. It’s a difficult time in parenting and in a child’s life. Hopefully, we can help parents get over that pain.’

They’re looking for people to test the potty for a couple of weeks during May, June and July. It could be parents with toddlers just about to start potty training, or those with older children who still have trouble getting up in the night to go to the loo.

They hope to sell the finished product for around £16-£18. And the potty should please green-minded parents too, as using it for six months could save up to half a tonne of disposable night-time nappies.

Kerry added: ‘Now that we’ve got it in our hot little hands it’s really exciting.’

Anyone interested in joining a focus group can contact Kerry and Rachael via e-mail at