Nats wants to build 25m-high radar at Daedalus

The National Air Traffic Control Centre at Swanwick
The National Air Traffic Control Centre at Swanwick
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  • Nats, which has headquarters in Swanwick, wants to build a new radar at Daedalus
  • Consultations are being held next week for people to give their views
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OPINIONS are wanted on plans for a new 25m-high radar at a business park.

National Air Traffic Services (Nats) is looking to put a radar near the airfield at Daedalus.

It is a very exciting proposal and Nats is Fareham’s biggest employer.

Cllr Sean Woodward

But the company, which has headquarters in Swanwick, wants to get the views of people living in Gosport and Fareham before it submits a planning application.

The plans will be decided upon by Fareham Borough Council although the section of Daedalus where the radar could be is near residents living in Gosport.

The original site looked at by Nats is where National Grid wants to put the IFA2 electrical interconnector.

It now wants to put the radar and accompanying equipment cabin near houses on Bayntun Drive, off Chark Lane. The radar will be used for testing and training.

Cllr Sean Woodward, leader of Fareham council, said permission is still needed for Nats to lease the land.

‘First of all they need to get permission from the landlord, which is Fareham council, to lease the land and then they need to put in an application for planning,’ he said.

‘At the moment, neither of those have been done. This has all moved very quickly in the last few days although it is something we have been talking about for years.

‘They have to follow a similar process which National Grid has done with the interconnector.’

He added: ‘It is a very exciting proposal and Nats is Fareham’s biggest employer.

‘But like with the interconnector, we will look hard at whether the facilities will affect the operational airfield as well as any problems it might cause for residents.’

In a statement sent to councillors and residents about the plans, Nats said: ‘In order for Nats to maintain the continued operation of its current 23 radar sites, an additional radar site is required.

‘Its primary purpose is to provide Nats with an in-house test and training platform for the current radars in service and to test future radar technology. By having a separate facility it removes the need to impact any operational radar services to carry out these tasks.’

The consultations will be held on Monday and Tuesday between midday and 7pm at Fareham Innovation Centre at Daedalus.