New Albert Road landlord outlines his plans for the future

Chris Vaux, new landlord at The Lord John Russell pub in Southsea Picture: Ian Hargreaves (171680-1)

THE new landlord of an Albert Road pub says he has jumped back into the industry to lead the Lord John Russell into the future.

Chris Vaux has worked in the music industry in Portsmouth for 17 years.

Having left the industry for a year to work for an apprenticeship firm, Chris was contacted by an old friend.

He said: ‘My friend contacted me to tell me that he had put me forward to run the Lord John Russell. Obviously I was flattered but I had left the industry.

‘I spoke with the owners and the opportunity was just too good to turn down. I decided to jump back in, into the deep end, and I’m so excited for what’s to come.’

As well as a new menu, the site - which was Little Johnny Russells and run by the team behind Portsmouth’s Victorious Festival until EI Group took back their lease – has had a refresh and was opened to the public on December 4.

Chris said: ‘A lot of work went into getting the pub ready.

‘In two weeks I managed to recruit a whole new pub’s worth of people and I have a fantastic team.’

The pub’s new street food-style menu serves burgers, hot dogs and will soon include a Sunday Roast tapas selection.

Over Christmas, a local artist will be commissioned to paint murals inside the venue.

Chris said: ‘One thing Portsmouth is missing is a regular music night. Across the weekend we’ll have local DJs and national bands feature.

‘We invite everyone to come down and have a dance’

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