New eco product gets backing from businesses

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LOCAL firms and attractions have been putting their backing firmly behind an environmentally-friendly printing service.

Gardiner Graphics Group, based in North Harbour, has launched its Pure service, which uses a biodegradable PVC substitute to print banners, posters and point-of-sale bins.

PVC takes around 500 years to biodegrade in landfill sites, but the G3S, as the Gardiner Graphics Group is known, says its Biomedia substitute can disappear in as little as two years – and without leaching poisonous chemicals into the soil.

Biomedia can also be recycled, and G3S is working with Fareham-based TJ Waste to recycle them into light switches, rulers, plastic vents and other products.

Now, the Spinnaker Tower has signed up to have Biomedia products, as has the Snows car dealer, Portsmouth Dockyard and Gunwharf Quays.

Simon Brinsmead, G3S marketing manager, said: ‘We are not aware of any other company in the UK that offers this service at present.’