New landlord of Gosport pub says he'll keep everyone happy at his traditional boozer

The new landlord of a Gosport pub has assured regulars that their local is in good hands – as he has worked in boozers since the age of 17 and says it is ‘like second nature' to him.

Thursday, 16th January 2020, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 16th January 2020, 9:27 am

Darren Hannigan, 37, moved in to the San Diego Road pub early in December. Having moved from Croydon to take up residency above the premises, it is a change Darren has welcomed.

He said ‘I’m enjoying it – I’ve not worked in a pub like this in a hell of a long time.’

Previously Darren worked at a Wetherspoon in Croydon. With industry experience since the age of 17, he said: ‘It’s kind of like second nature.’

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Darren Hannigan is the new landlord of The Glencoe pub in Gosport. Picture: Habibur Rahman

Having worked for so long in a busy, target-driven environment, Darren described this new endeavour as ‘going back to basics’.

No longer riddled with thoughts of reaching targets he said, with audible relief: ‘I’m not going to bed with a million and one things running through my head so I’m actually getting a full night’s sleep which hasn’t happened in years.’

Regulars to the pub can expect it to stay as it’s always been.

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Inside The Glencoe pub in Gosport. Picture: Habibur Rahman

‘I don’t think much needs changing,’ said Darren, adding that besides ‘the toilets, which I’ve already done’, he thinks the pub is fine as it is.

It is a passionate sentiment that has warmed customers to him. One regular of the pub, a 61-year-old painter and decorator, described the pub as ‘struggling’ before its recent acquisition, and praised the new landlord, saying: ‘All the locals like him.’

When asked if he had family with him, he simply stated: ‘No, just me myself and I. The pub is my baby.’

There is Fosters and Carling on tap, as well as new arrival Birra Morretti, which Darren says has sold better than he expected.

He then talked about the new Glencoe ale which, despite only arriving last week, is said to have ‘sold really really well’.

Darren says he will be approaching a local brewery to try to get a second ale on the pumps, and would like to always have a local beer on offer.

As well as new events in the works, the next big one being Dicey Riley on January 25, other attractions will take place at the pub such as a free jukebox, meat raffle, and a quiz on Sundays; occasions Darren believes to be ‘the foundations of any pub’.

As a staple location to the local community, Darren said his main goal for the future of The Glencoe is to ‘keep the doors open’ and ‘keep everyone happy’.