New machine will crush greenhouse gas emissions

CRUSHING Concrete recycling and inset, John Gosling
CRUSHING Concrete recycling and inset, John Gosling
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A FAREHAM firm has made a six-figure investment in its future.

Waste management specialist TJ Waste has spent £200,000 on a new concrete crushing plant, which will be used to recycle concrete and other aggregates for use in the construction industry.

John Gosling

John Gosling

The machine, built by McCloskley International, is at TJ’s crushing plant at Portfield, Chichester, with recycled material transported by the company’s bulk haulage lorries to customers across the country.

John Gosling, the operations director at TJ, said there are strong environmental, financial and logistical reasons for companies to use the service.

He said: ‘This is a £200,000 investment which will directly benefit the environment because concrete debris won’t end up buried in landfill as an unwanted legacy for future generations.’

The scarily-named J50 Jaw Crusher machine has the capacity to crush up to 750 tonnes a day into various grades of material for use in a number of buildings.

John added: ‘We are turning an expense into an asset. The rubble can be used for secondary aggregates, such as a base material for road laying or seashore defences.

‘That in turn reduces the need for minerals extraction – recycling one tonne of cement reportedly saves 900kg of the greenhouse gas CO2.

‘The J50, which represents best-in-class equipment, means we can continue to meet increasing demand for recycled aggregates from customers keen to reduce their carbon footprints and construction costs, as well as moving away from an unsustainable reliance on virgin aggregates.

‘Our investment is very much an integral part of our group’s expansion and it is a win-win-win for customers, the environment and the company.’

As well as Portfield, TJ operates four sites where skip waste, such as rubble, wood and metal is separated.

They are at Airport Industrial Park in Portsmouth, Harts Farm Way at Havant, Bar End at Winchester and the newly enlarged facility at Yapton, West Sussex.