New report calls for a fresh approach to skills

COMPANIES, educators and government must take a fresh approach to skills, a new report has said.

Wednesday, 17th January 2018, 6:00 am

The In Perfect Harmony report, a UK leading business group, said 28 skills reforms in 30 years have alienated firms, confused learning providers and failed to deliver on skills needs.

Now the CBI is urging all to collaborate. Neil Carberry, from the CBI, said: ‘Skills are vital if we are to adapt to new technologies, increase our global competitiveness and deliver higher wages.

‘They are at the very heart of a successful industrial strategy.

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‘But that means we need a skills approach that lasts for 50 years, not five.

‘Too often skills reforms have been well-intentioned, but do not work for learners or businesses across the country, so the system is reinvented again.

‘The Apprenticeship Levy is the latest example of a policy that’s not yet right – the CBI has been clear that it must evolve for the levy to work effectively.’

He added: ‘If we all work together to get this right, confidence can be built that the English skills system won’t keep changing.’