New team takes control of South Parade Pier

PROMISES Dawn Randall, in charge of operations at South Parade Pier
PROMISES Dawn Randall, in charge of operations at South Parade Pier

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THE new management team at South Parade Pier says the venue is not only open for business, but will be run better than before.

Dawn Randall took over running the operations with her husband Barry in February, and represents her father David Moore, who is one of the company’s directors.

The News reported last week that the holding company which financed the venue had been forced into liquidation over an unpaid electricity bill.

Acts who played at the pier over the Christmas period are still owed thousands in unpaid fees.

They are owed money by Frenash Ltd, the company forced into liquidation, while Mrs Randall runs The South Parade Pier Ltd, which has now taken over the pier’s operations.

The directors are still the same, but Mrs Randall says mistakes made since Frenash took over the pier last year will not be repeated.

She said: ‘I will make South Parade Pier a success even if it kills me. I was called in on February 24 to take it on and look after it on behalf of my father.’

People who have booked events at the pier are being reassured that their contracts will be honoured.

Mrs Randall, her husband, and manager Dan Martin have replaced staff at the venue, and put in a pricing strategy which they say will help the venue turn a profit and begin its refurbishment.

But with basic maintenance on the support struts costing around £200,000, any money they make will not go a long way.

Mrs Randall said: ‘The pier is now turning a solid profit, so we’re already doing something right, but people just don’t understand what it costs to run the pier – basic maintenance. The council gave our closest competitor, The Pyramids, £1m, and they haven’t given us anything at all – but at least we’re not costing the taxpayer any money.

The pier was bought by Frenash for £75,000 in spring last year.

But it is only now that developments, such as a new sandwich bar, have been added.

Meanwhile, Dean Treleaven, who runs Empire Leisure in Whiteley, and who performed at the pier over Christmas, is still pursuing £3,000 he is owed by Frenash.

‘I am in the process of launching legal action against the company,’ he said. He is one of a number of creditors who will be attempting to get their money back once an official liquidator has been appointed.