No-go zones set up to combat cold-callers

Picture: Pierandrea Guarnieri

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HAMPSHIRE County Council has announced it has now set up 400 no cold-calling zones to combat rogue traders.

The scheme was launched in 2005 and now covers more than 25,000 households across the county.

Each zone aims to discourage rogue traders from approaching homes in search of business.

And they are designed to give residents the confidence to turn unwanted callers away.

Brian Stevens, of Woodpecker Copse, Locks Heath, set up a new zone in his area with support from the council’s Trading Standards team and Hampshire Police.

It covers Woodpecker Copse, Kingfisher Copse and Nightingale Mews, an area of 42 homes.

He said: ‘The no cold-calling zone is a world-class service.

‘It has been so beneficial in my neighbourhood and I think the way it is managed is superb.

‘It has really had a positive impact for our community.

‘I just wish more people knew about the scheme.’

Mr Stevens became interested in the idea after seeing it advertised on local lamp posts.

‘We used to get all varieties of people knocking on our doors, it was just a damn nuisance,’ he said,

‘Since the No Cold Calling Zone has been put in place, we never get any hassle and if we do it empowers us to turn them away confidently.

‘It’s really worked well for us.’

The council emphasises that the zones are not set up to stop legitimate callers, such as people from charities or meter readers.

For more information on setting up a zone in your area visit tradingstandards.