No hosepipe ban say Portsmouth Water despite near-drought in the region

Jacquie Shaw of the NMRN

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GARDENS and plants will continue to flourish this summer after Portsmouth Water announced there will be no hosepipe ban.

This spring has been the driest on record since 1976, with just 51.2mm of rainfall recorded at Havant during March, April and May.

But the water company says the winter rain replenished water stocks, and a fight to fix leaks and a campaign to encourage water efficiency has also helped.

Nick Roadnight, managing director, said: ‘Whilst we are confident that no water restrictions will be required in 2011 it is important that we all use water wisely all of the time.’

Portsmouth Water has helped to reduce water usage by 250,000 litres per day through its campaign.

Environment Secretary, Caroline Spelman, said: ‘Households know how to use less water and everyone can do their bit to use water more wisely.’