Olympics game set to be a winner for entrepreneur Rachel

GOING FOR GOLD Rachel Lowe with the Destination London 2012 game.  Picture: Sarah Standing (122481-2698)
GOING FOR GOLD Rachel Lowe with the Destination London 2012 game. Picture: Sarah Standing (122481-2698)
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IF there was an Olympic event for perseverance, Rachel Lowe would win gold every time.

Because her company has become one of only two in the UK to be given a licence to manufacture an Olympics-themed boardgame.

Rachel, owner of She Who Dares UK, based at 1000 Lakeside in North Harbour, has developed Destination London 2012, which sees visitors to the capital travel around the Olympic sites collecting tickets.

There’s also a junior version, where players collect medals as they go.

It’s a reversal of fortunes for Rachel, who lost her house, her car and even her health at Christmas 2008 when recession hit.

She made a name for herself at university after developing the Destination series of board games inspired by her part-time job as a taxi driver.

The first one was Destination Portsmouth, and then came the popular Destination London.

Since securing private funding, she relaunched her business by developing Destination Hogwarts, based on the wizarding school Harry Potter attends.

That was launched this year, and was a sell-out, with new stock due in August.

Now she’s set her sights on the Olympics – and she’s going for gold with her game.

‘It’s brilliant and exciting,’ she said.

‘It’s just me and Winning Moves, which makes Monopoly, which have been given licences to make Olympics games.

‘Being involved in something like that is fantastic.’

Rachel praised the people of Portsmouth who supported her while she fought to get back to health and to restart the business.

And she added: ‘I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have a second shot.’

To buy the game, see destinationboardgames.co.uk/london2012