Optician incensed at Royal Mail’s latest price hike

PROBLEM Andy Bevis is annoyed with the price rise of posting packets. Picture: Paul Jacobs  (131263-1)
PROBLEM Andy Bevis is annoyed with the price rise of posting packets. Picture: Paul Jacobs (131263-1)
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A BUSINESSMAN has criticised Royal Mail after the price to send a light parcel shot up by nearly 20 per cent.

Andy Bevis makes a living as a mail order optician. He creates glasses to order and posts them to his customers.

The 54-year-old from Fareham said that over the past few weeks he has received several complaints from customers after their orders were held up as he had not put the right amount of stamps on the parcel.

He said he was unaware of any price increase, meaning the parcels were sent to sorting offices and incurred an extra £1 charge,

He said: ‘I don’t think Royal Mail notified people enough. If they did not make the media aware, then we are going to get caught.’

Royal Mail made several changes to its parcel prices on Tuesday, April 2. Whereas some services have been improved, Andy has been affected because the parcels he sends are very lightweight – usually under 100g.

Previously, light parcels were classified in brackets of 0g to 100g, 101g to 250g, 251g to 500g, 501g to 750g and 751g to 1kg.

Royal Mail has scrapped these, meaning that all parcels now fall into the more expensive 0g to 1kg price.

Andy said this means it now costs him £2.60 to send a pair of glasses instead of £2.20, a near 20 per cent rise.

Royal Mail spokesman Mike Norman said that the number of price brackets was reduced to make the postage system easier to understand.

He added: ‘To support smaller businesses, we have reduced the minimum volume threshold that they need to send to qualify for contract parcels.

‘This means that businesses which send more than 1,000 parcels a year can benefit from discounts on their postage costs.

‘Previously, the threshold was 5,000 parcels a year.’

But Andy disagreed. He said: ‘This will affect everybody. They seem to be able to turn a blind eye to certain things.

‘They have deliberately increased the prices and I don’t think anybody is aware of what they are doing.’