Owner quashes rumours that restaurant will close for good - and outlines plans for new hotel

Woosters restaurant in Emsworth
Woosters restaurant in Emsworth
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THE OWNER of a restaurant has stressed that the venue will reopen, despite its abrupt closure.

The temporary closure of Woosters, the fine dining restaurant in Emsworth, has led diners to take to social media and express their shock.

But the owner of the restaurant, in South Street, has quashed rumours that it has closed for good.

Nicholas Ralls said the reason behind the closure is so that he can focus on enhancing the site’s customer service.

He said: ‘Woosters is only closing for a short period of time, to allow systems to be implemented that will enhance our customers’ experience.

‘Once they are in place, my vision for a top restaurant supported by high-class musical entertainment, will reopen with customer service fully at the forefront.

‘Woosters will, I hope, be enjoyed for many a year by the people of Emsworth and beyond.’

Users on Facebook expressed their dismay upon learning that the site had closed.

When trying to book a reservation, customers are told that the ‘team regret to inform’ that the site is closed and to email in any reservation enquiries.

There is no information online about when the restaurant will reopen, but Nicholas said that it should be in ‘just over a month’s time.’

The business owner is also focusing on another project that has been in the pipeline since 2014, a boutique hotel.

Nicholas said: ‘We have been granted planning permission for a seven-bedroom hotel which we will call Jeeves Boutique Hotel.

‘It will run alongside the restaurant.

‘It is going to be beautiful and we’re hoping to include a deluxe penthouse but we need to get that agreed next, added Mr Ralls.

‘In regards to Woosters, we have a loyal fan base and we do already provide our customers with a high quality service. My team work very hard.

‘But I believe that there is always room for improvement so we want to implement a few updates for our customers.

‘Our online and offline following will see us reopen within the blink of an eye,’ he added.