People make their voices known at Starbucks

ANGER Protesters outside Starbucks
ANGER Protesters outside Starbucks
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AROUND 40 people gathered outside Starbucks in Portsmouth on Saturday to protest about the huge profits the company has made by not paying enough tax.

Portsmouth Trades Council agreed to support the protest at Starbucks in the city centre called by UK Uncut.

Delegates at Trades Council were angry about the profitable multi-national company finally agreeing to pay some tax while at the same time announcing they are cutting staff sick leave, maternity pay and lunch breaks.

Jon Woods, media officer at Portsmouth Trades Council, said: ‘Hundred of leaflets opposing corporate tax dodging were given out. There was widespread support for the action from Christmas shoppers.

‘Starbucks is typical of austerity Britain. The wealthy at the top get away with not paying their taxes and the people struggling at the bottom have to suffer more cuts.

‘It is the same message we got from George Osborne’s budget statement. Corporation tax hits a European low and is ripe for avoidance while benefits are cut in real terms, hitting low paid workers like those at Starbucks.

‘We have a message for George Osborne – your cuts are not working, we need investment in jobs and services to help the economy.’