Phone company doubles in size with 150 new jobs

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A SUCCESSFUL business will be doubling in size after trading for just under a year.

Aerial Direct Ltd has around 150 staff based at its offices in Quay West Business Centre in Quay Lane, Gosport, and bosses plan to employ a further 150 in six months.

The firm sells both mobile and landline phone contracts to businesses.

It was formed last June last year by four directors who put together two existing telecommunications companies.

Mike Rhys said he and fellow directors David Ainslie, David Kilby and Peter Davis each have more than a decade of experience in the industry.

The firm will stay put at its current location, expanding into adjoining space.

Mr Ainslie said: ‘We go through quite a strict training procedure, we don’t get people in and have them straight on the phone speaking to people.

‘They have to go through a week to two weeks of training first.’

And he said training is of great importance to the team at Aerial Direct.

Mr Rhys added: ‘One of the best things we ever did is get an in-house trainer.

‘Rather than being outsourced and it being bitty and ad hoc, the staff can be constantly improved daily.

‘We want to keep hold of them and the only way to do that is to make them feel they’re moving up.’

The team of directors make sure conditions for their staff are good too.

Recent incentives include all-expenses-paid holidays to Tenerife and Dubai, along with staff receiving games consoles.

They are allowed to have regular breaks and music is piped into the office while they are on the phones.

And the expansion will see current and new staff getting the benefit of a gym, available for free for employees.

Mr Ainslie said: ‘Our staff turnover, I would say, is one of the lowest for a call centre.

‘It’s really, really low compared to other jobs of this nature.

‘We try to keep it fun and exciting and we have really good incentives for our staff.’

New staff are needed for both customer services and telesales teams, including team leaders and manager positions.

The firm, an O2 centre of excellence, will go through a recruitment agency to hire people and is keen to employ people from Gosport and the surrounding area.

Mr Rhys said: ‘We want people from Gosport because they haven’t got to travel and we’re all from Gosport too.’