Picture slideshow: Bishop’s Waltham motorbikes meet

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  • Bishop’s Waltham has long links with bikers
  • They would meet in the town on the way to the TT trials
  • First meet was held four years ago
  • It has grown bigger and bigger and there is now live music and shops, pubs and cafes do a booming trade
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THOUSANDS of bikers crammed in to an historic town for their annual meet.

More than 2,000 riders on every sort of motorcycle pitched up in Bishop’s Waltham on Sunday to make the most of the glorious weather.

The nice thing about bikers is they never give you any grief. They police themselves, they are all really well-behaved.

Matthew Backhouse

It is the fourth time the town’s chamber of trade has organised the event which proved to be a huge boost for businesses with shops and cafes packed out.

Matthew Backhouse is one of the organisers.

He owns the Ron Upfield electrical shop and Apple Crumble and Kitch kitchenware shop.

Matthew said: ‘We’ve got long-standing links with bikers here in the town.

‘They used to meet here on their way to the TTs in the Isle of Man.

‘Four years ago they had a meet here and we thought it would be great to do it every year.

‘We’ve probably had near on 2,000 bikes here this weekend.

‘Every part of Bishop’s Waltham is full.

‘Everyone is loving the music from Who, What, Where, they are filling the pubs and cafes.

‘Bikers have come from all over – some from London and even further afield.

‘The atmosphere is just brilliant.’

Despite there being dozens of marshals the event passed off without any trouble.

Matthew added: ‘The nice thing about bikers is they never give you any grief.

‘They police themselves, they are all really well-behaved.’

There were some incredible bikes on display – from 1960s scooters to Harley Davidson’s and trial bikes.

Business was booming with bikers and motorbike enthusiasts popping into pubs and cafes to buy drinks and ice lollies to cool down.

Denise Goodall is the owner of Barringtons cafe and deli in High Street.

She said: ‘The day has gone very well indeed.

‘We are up the opposite end to the clock town but there are down here as well.

‘We have been really busy all day, it’s been great.

‘The atmosphere has been very good – partly because of the amazing weather and partly because they are such a friendly group of people.

‘They come in and they’re so cheerful.

‘Because it’s been so hot they’ve all wanted cold drinks to cool down.

‘It’s a great event and it’s been brilliant for business.’

The event has grown so big Matthew and his co-organiser Alan Golding have a committee to support them.