POLL RESULT: What readers most want to see in Commercial Road

More major stores and an all-weather covering top the list of improvements people want to see in Portsmouth's Commercial Road shopping centre.

Monday, 9th January 2017, 3:44 pm
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 3:47 pm

That’s according to a portsmouth.co.uk poll launched after the city council insisted that a £300,000 plan for more minor works remained on course.

We readers six optional answers to the question ‘What major improvement would you most like to see in Commercial Road?’

More than 700 people voted, with the results as follows:

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More big-name stores - 36%

A roof over the main precinct - 34%

More special interest stores - 12%

A daily market - 9%

Better parking - 5%

Better public transport links - 4%

The question prompted a lively debate on our Facebook page.

Here are some of the comments we received:-

Andy Williams: No leggings and hooped earrings would be a dramatic improvement :)

Ryan Doherty: Unless you’re going to turn Cascades back to how it was back in the day with all the restraunts at the bottom, what’s the point?

Jacky Merrett: Why waste all that money on a precinct when there are so many sub standard accommodation and empty buildings that could be turned into a place for the homeless?

Joanne Davies: They need to take a good hard look at West Quay , I would rather go all the way to Southampton than shop here. West Quay has it all restaurants , decent shops and late night shopping every day.

David Colbeck: Get rid of the foul-mouthed yobs who hang around the fountain area, stop the cyclists hammering through everything and everyone, ban those vile chuggers and £300k might even be worth spending. Until then, there is absolutely no point.

Lisa Holman: Bring back the old Cascades and the food courts with the glass lifts. It was better the way it was!!

Mick Bradley: Make sure all cyclists are banned from riding in the area, ie NO Cycling properly enforced.

Sam Richardson: We need decent shops, places to eat that aren’t fast food, and reasonable parking rates!

Maria Hackett Portsmouth Council take a lifetime to get anything done! We have a Tower where the panoramic glass lift never worked, whoever decided on that contract? The Northern Quarter never happened due to incompetence and Southsea Seafront improvements? Nothing! Don’t hold your breath! They are a waste of space and taxpayers’ money!

John Day: It’s gonna cost £300,000 just to remove the layer of chewing gum off the path.

Sharon Higgins: What a complete waste of money when they can spend it on our local hospital, there has been so much in the news lately about waiting times at Q.A. Maybe spend the money there improving the service. Some people at the council need a reality check....

Toby L Rabone: Safer cycle storage - the amount of bike theft is unreal.

Sam Powell: Somewhere nice to eat! There’s only fast food places and now the Trafalgar has gone there is nowhere nice to sit down for lunch/dinner

Susan Lang: Just bulldoze the lot and start from scratch.