Pompey spirit is unbroken as all fight to save the club

Linvoy Primus
Linvoy Primus
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POMPEY legend Linvoy Primus has told of his sadness at seeing fellow staff made redundant from his beloved Pompey.

The former Blues star, who now works as a community envoy for the club, saw more than 30 people lose their jobs at the club this week after it went into administration for the second time in two years.

And his own hours have been cut from full to part time as part of cost-saving measures brought in by new administrator Trevor Birch.

But he is remaining upbeat and says that saving the club is the bigger picture.

‘There are lots of people who have lost their jobs this week, as well as those who lost their jobs when this happened last time, just under two years ago,’ he said.

‘On a personal level I could be today saying there is no role for me here.

‘For them to ask me to stay, part-time, that’s great.

‘It would have been a huge blow if I wasn’t able to do anything at all.

‘But we need to remember there are other people who can’t say they work for Pompey any more.

‘There are a lot of people who have gone through difficult times because of the decisions the club has had to make. In their heart of hearts they’ll want the club to survive because they’re fans, too.

‘It’s sad, it is, but the big picture is the club’s future, and that’s bigger than anything else in terms of what the club does for the city.’

Pompey were placed in administration on Friday last week after failing to pay a tax bill that ran up to almost £2m. Among the staff to go was chief executive David Lampitt.

Players have agreed to defer their wages until the end of the season.

Linvoy backed the Pack the Park campaign, which aims to fill Fratton Park for every home game to ensure the club can pay its way until the end of the season.

Linvoy praised the fans, staff and players who have all banded together to try to save the club.

He said: ‘I don’t know if there’s anyone waiting in the wings to buy us, but part of me is glad of that because we don’t have false hope.

‘We need to fill Fratton Park to help save the club, and everyone needs to get behind the club.

We’ve got to get on with it, and there’s still a lot of fight left in us.

‘I don’t know what it is but whenever you come to Pompey, even for a short time, you take it with you when you go.

‘It’s unique. It’s the character, the atmosphere, everyone loves the club and the city.

‘We’re not individuals here, we’re a real team.’