Poorly babies are on the move thanks to a new incubator from Drager

Drager's Globe Trotter GT5400 in action PNL-140325-134242001
Drager's Globe Trotter GT5400 in action PNL-140325-134242001

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Premature babies will now have better care when travelling between hospitals thanks to the launch of a new transport incubator from a company in Hemel Hempstead.

The aptly named Globe Trotter GT5400 combines essential functions such as thermoregulation – which ensures the newborn’s temperature is kept at an optimum 37 degrees – ventilationand real-time monitoring all in one machine.

Lead medical supplies and equipment firm Drager – which has offices on the town’s Maylands Avenue industrial estate – unveiled the complete care system which provides a safe, stable environment to transport poorly babies in aeroplanes, helicopters and ambulances.

Drager’s sales and marketing manager for neonatal care Luke Bourdillon said: “We’re happy to be able to offer a universal neonatal intensive care unit on wheels to neonate and newborn transfers to hospitals, ambulance service providers and patient transfer services.”

The new technology means that medical teams will no longer have to provide separate forms of care in each mode of transport.

For more, visit www.draeger.com/sites/en_uk.