Portsmouth City Council inspectors visit Indian restaurant after insect complaint

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AN INDIAN restaurant owner has reassured customers following a claim an insect was found inside a bag of poppadoms.

The owner of the T&J Mahal has insisted there is ‘absolutely no cause for concern’ after officers from Portsmouth City Council’s environmental health department visited his business to carry out an inspection.

The council had received a report that a takeaway customer had found a bug in their order on Friday, December 23.

But after visiting the premises in Elm Grove, in Southsea and carrying out a thorough search they were satisfied there was no danger to customers.

Inspectors did find some insects in a store room that wasn’t connected to the restaurant and these were dealt with by pest control.

Restaurant owner Josh Ahmed said: ‘The last three days the council have sent people in but they didn’t find a single thing. If they had found anything they would have closed us down – it’s as simple as that.

‘The only room they found anything in was not attached to the premises and was nothing to do with the restaurant. They thoroughly checked and said there was no cause for concern.’

Mr Ahmed said in eight years there he had never heard of a similar complaint being made.

Steve Bell, the council’s public protection commercial team leader, said: ‘An insect was allegedly found in a bag of poppadoms and so we immediately visited the premises. After completing a full and thorough investigation we were satisfied that there was no risk to public health. Some insects were found in a store room which is unconnected to the main premises and does not contain open food, and this room was immediately treated by pest control.

‘Therefore the restaurant was allowed to stay open providing that the store was not used until we were satisfied any issues were properly addressed.’