Portsmouth firm unveils wireless phone charger

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A HOME-GROWN tech business is set to turn Portsmouth into the UK’s first wirelessly-charged city.

SupaPowa, a wireless charging device for smartphones and many other smart devices, was officially launched on Monday in front of nearly 80 guests at the Spinnaker Tower.

Supapowa chief executive officer Pete Turner. ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (143250-6972)

Supapowa chief executive officer Pete Turner. ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (143250-6972)

Reflecting the vivid colour of the newly-unveiled brand, the 170-metre landmark was lit up in neon pink.

The technology, the size of a beer mat, means phone users can recharge a handheld device on the go, without the need to locate an electrical plug socket.

SupaPowa’s retail products could become a common sight at public and private spaces, with glowing chargers integrated into the tables and counters of coffee shops, pubs and offices and restaurants.

The brand has been developed by QiConnect, the UK’s first wireless charging experts, based at Portsmouth Technopole, the landmark business innovation centre by the M275 city gateway.

Karen Murray, Supapowa’s business manager, said: ‘There are 83 million mobile subscriptions in the UK, but until now little attention has been paid to how mobiles can be charged away from home.

‘Battery life anxiety is a very real phenomenon - You can see your smartphone draining, especially if browsing on the internet, but you have no way of charging it up unless you connect to the mains power.

‘And if you are away from home, stuck in traffic, or late for that vital appointment or pick-up, this can be extremely stressful.

‘We’ve created some game-changing products that not only meet this challenge but could make traditional chargers redundant.’

Individuals can buy their own wireless chargers, with kits now available on Amazon.

Karen said: ‘Given that Supapowa was developed here in Portsmouth, it was only fitting that the launch was at the city’s creative symbol, the Spinnaker Tower.

‘Our intention, with the support of dozens of businesses, is to make this the first wirelessly-charged city.’