Portsmouth is a hot spot for internet connections

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THERE are now more than 7,000 internet hot spots in Portsmouth, according to figures released by BT.

The hot spots allow people using mobile phones, tablets or laptops to access the internet wirelessly.

John Weaver, BT’s South East regional director, who is originally from Portsmouth, said: ‘We are seeing growing use of our network as wi-fi users spend more time online and use more data.

‘People are now so confident and comfortable with their gadgets, we’ve had to meet the demand with more hot spots in a wider choice of places – on the high street and in thousands of neighbourhoods across the region.

BT says 13 petabytes – 13 billion megabytes – of data were consumed across its network in 2012/13.

That’s the equivalent of taking enough pictures on a smartphone that when placed side-by-side they would stretch around the equator twice. It’s also the same as downloading 3.9bn songs on MP3, though the iTunes online music library only currently has 26m, or streaming The Hobbit in high definition for 1,042 years.

There are now 764,000 places where people can connect via BT Wi-fi in the in the South East in total, the research concluded.